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What we do

We design and export dog treadmills to professional dog supplies stores.

Our main products are classic dog treadmills and canine hydrotherapy treadmills.

Why we run this business and website

It’s a personal dream that our founder wants to create a helpful and fun dog training system. Since we’ve spent 11 years on the research & test, now it’s the time to show the result. We believe that it’s a great sucess to work with more and more dealers all over the world.

As for the website, it’s a trial for our team to build up the individule display place. Also it has been proven to help busy buyers.

What’s interesting, now dealers can place the order online and get shipping notice by email. Really simple & convenient system.

How do we work with our clients

We provide local dealers with marketing support and fastest delivery. Although we have the ability to fulfill dropshipping service, we still obey localization strategy to distribute online inquiries to our dealers. We seriously work with high-efficiency logistics. In 2019, delivery delay rate was 0. Three engineers are devoting themselves to develop new treadmill models each year. And, every dealer owns authority to receive Free brochures and branding support.

Train a dog is not easy job. But you can make it easy with our dog treadmill.

Just teach them how to walk on the treadmill in the begining. That’s everyone can learn easily.

We’re providing a safety product if you are dog toy dealer.There is a lot of toys for a dog. Most of them are made of plastic, which may be not recycled material. As one dog lover, I’m sentitive with my dog toys. So a metal construction machine can be best choices for energetic doggies.

If you are dog groomer supplier, you may hear about dog hydrotherapy. It’s our core project after 2017. We connect water tank with treadmill system to make underwater treadmill. It’s on growth trend. Just search “hydrotherapy” at our search box.

Now we also offer customzied service for design team to expand our types of dog treadmill family. Looking forward to hear from you.

Passionate team of

Why treadmill for dog

Premium Quality

All the treadmill frame is human treadmill standard. You won’t worry about the quality in 10years. Max weight capacity up to 200lbs

Ready to Use

All the treadmill for dog is pre-assembly outlet. When your customer get it, it’s just 5-10mins enhanced process and then begin to work.

Collection for all dog breeds

There is no one all in one treadmill but you can find the largest treadmill for largest dog. Totally 12 kinds of different sized treadmill for dog


Treadmill for dog is customer-oriented Treadmill Factory. According to customized requirement, our Product manager will adjust the treadmill design for Your Customers' Pet Size.
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Running dog

2 Puppy dogs training treadmill


Product dimension 2030*850*1190mm
Size: L
Running area 680*1770mm
Running belt 1.6mm thickness
Allowable weight 110kg
Speed range 0.8-12km/h
Power 5HP
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 105/89kg
Master carton 2060*900*250mm

large dog treadmillstand up large dog treadmill

Large dog treadmill with slope


Product dimension 2030*620*1160mm
Size: L
Running area 460*1770mm
Running belt 1.6mm thickness
Allowable weight 110kg
Speed range 0.8-12km/h
Power 5HP+Electric incline motor
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 82/70kg
Master carton 2050*620*320mm

c350w medium treadmill belt

Medium Dog Treadmill with protection


Model #C350W
Product dimension 1860*560*980mm
Size: M
Running area 400*1550mm
Running belt 1.6mm thickness
Allowable weight 100kg
Speed range 0.8-12km/h
Power 2HP
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 48/43kg
Master carton 187*61*17cm

French Mastiff Dog with treadmillStand up dog treadmill

K9 Climbing training Incline treadmill


Model #C300F
Product dimension 1640*630*260mm
Running area 380*1500mm
Running belt 1.2mm thickness
Allowable weight 100kg
Speed range 0.8-12km/h
Power 1.75HP
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 46.5/41.2kg
Master carton 164*67*96cm

small dog treadmillC300 treadmill for dog

Small dog treadmill


Item No. C300
Product dimension 1720*560*980mm
Running area 400*1450mm
Running belt 1.2mm thickness
Allowable weight 100kg
Speed range 0.5-7.45MPH(0.1 increments)
Power 1.75hp(Electric:110v/220v, CUSTOMIZED)
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 46.5/41.2kg
Package 133cm*54*19cm(Master carton)

Toy dog treadmill



Product dimension 1310*500*860mm
Running area 340*1050mm
Running belt SOFT 1.6mm thickness
Allowable weight 10-100lbs
Speed  0.5-7.45MPH(0.1 increments)
Power 1.75hp(Electric:110v/220v, CUSTOMIZED)
Computer Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 36/32kg
Package 133cm*54*19cm(Master carton)

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Dog treadmill buying guide
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