What we do

We design and export a dog treadmill to professional dog supplies stores. Every dealer can place an online order and get the dog treadmill in visual delivery time.

Why we run this business and website

Hubert(Founder): It’s a personal dream that I want to make a helpful and fun dog train system. This treadmill for dog site is one way to move forward.

How do we work with our clients

In 2016, we source the factory and then offer the treadmill design. Clients select the dog treadmill they want and place the online order. After the past does and thinking, we have a system to supply treadmills with trust and quality. Whenever one dealer has a new order, our guys will update the tracking number at the system and then the process is visible to the dealer.

Dealers can share the guide blogs with their customers with end-end support from our team.

  • Why choose Treadmill for dog?

A DOG Treadmill is representative of NEW dog toy. Health is the NO.1 issue to human, So does the pet. A DOG Treadmills could be a good fit for puppies who need to burn a lot of energy, for overweight dogs, and for highly active dogs.

As a former K9 trainer, A DOG treadmill is born for training. From the smallest Chihuahua to the largest English mastiff, you can find the proper treadmill at this treadmillfordog.com. A DOG team also take OEM and ODM offers. With 3 years’ research, now we have 15 kinds of dog walking machines in the collection. Don’t need to google others, just find a design for your customers here.