According to stastics, we found that cannie like human have the disaster from its birth.

A number of conditions in dogs may be aggravated by or may show slow or no improvement as a result of weight bearing exercise. Among these are hip dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), conditions most common in medium to large purebred dogs, such as German ShepherdsLabrador Retrievers or Golden Retrieverschronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy (CDRM), a degenerative disease of the spinal cord which causes hind limb problems in German Shepherds; and luxating patella which is seen predominantly in small and toy breeds.

That’s why veterinarians start to develop hydrotherapy research and clinical trial since 2006. One decades passed, the theory has been proved to a helpful treatment of of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in dogs. Water therapy is a beneficial tool for veterinary rehabilitation.  When properly performed it carries little risk to the patient but is of great benefit.  As time goes on and the use of water therapy becomes more and more common, hopefully, more veterinary studies will be performed assessing its benefit. 

Our team began dog hydrotherapy project since 2015. It’s really a challenge from 0-1 to make a new machine. Here I’d like to express endorsement to HYDRO PHYSIO who began the project in 2010.

If you cannot wait to see our project, click here

Now I will tell your the story of development of one doy hydrotherapy treadmill.

First of all, we shall build up one water container, one large room to swim. We tested 5 raw material to build up the water tank, they are Alloy of steel, Aluminum, PP plastic, Stainless steel 430, Stainless steel 304. We tested them from durablity and portablity

Alloy of steel

It seem crazy to use alloy of steel water tank. There are too many elements can ruin the tank. The first tank break up in several days.

  • Durablity: Low
  • Portablity: Low

Aluminum Test

Aluminum is really light weight metal choice for many industries. To offer heat transfer, it’s regular choice for treadmill motor and cover.

Even though many aluminum water tanks carry certification placards, aluminum reacts poorly to chlorine over the long haul.  We found that the frame become dirty look several weeks later.

  • Durablity: Medium
  • Portablity: High

PP plastic

It’s a good choice to be a water bottle but cannot hold too much weight and no heat transfer support. Give up when we begin to consider heat transfer.

  • Durablity: Medium
  • Portablity: High
  • Heat transfer: No

Stainless steel 430

Grade 430 is the most common ferritic stainless steel grade in sheet form. Study construction after weilding. However the corrosion is not good enough.

  • Durablity: Medium
  • Portablity: Medium
  • Heat transfer: Yes

Stainless steel 304

To most appliance, it’s the high recommended material, arround our lifestyles from Kitchen to Office.

The high amounts of chromium and nickel give 304 stainless steel excellent corrosion resistance (except against chloride).

  • Durablity: High
  • Portablity:Medium
  • Heat transfer: Yes

Finally we select Stainless steel 304 for water container. However, the cost is expensive to build a large water tank. To make a seamless container, it also need to buy a robtic welding machine.

Next problem is how to ensuce the pool is large enough to every dog hydrotherapy. When we attend the Canton fair, the idea come up. It’s a busy day and we’s tired of full day’s. When we leave the booth to hotel, Professor Jin found that the long treadmill belt on the center. “If we have a long belt, we don’t need a large water tank”. It’s the key feature of our cannie underwater treadmill. After that, we have the process to finish the real product.

Soon we have the first hydrotherapy treadmill. We have water controller and output line. All the stainless steel is connected with seamless weilding. The treadmill belt shall be wateproof insert in the next step.

Say hello to our first hydrotherapy treadmill 🙂 I’m sorry to show this orderless situation but the real workshop is this.

In 2016, we have the first order from China clinic with a awesome feedback. It inspire our team to continue the improvement of hydrotherapy treadmill. Thank you for professional feedback from Agricultural University Animal Hospital.

We work hard and seriously about orders. That’s what help us survive from COVID-19. Every product has the standard production process.

It is 5-Right process.

  1. Right raw material
  2. Right material processing
  3. Right assembly
  4. Right QC test
  5. Right package
Dog treadmill process

Till 2020, we have made 151 sets cannie underwater treadmill. Although we have 3 years experience in production but we still follow real work test, test every treadmill before shipment. If any problem, it will be solved quickly inside.

This time we tested 9sets large dog underwater treadmill

Would you like to see our kindly enginner? I’m still waiting for photo permission but you can visit us at every Tuesday.

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