2 Doors Hydrotherapy treadmill for dogs


#C480S (Removable Stainless Ramp *2)

Product dimension:2860*870*1240mm

Size: Large

Running area: 63” X 19”

Speed range: 0.8 – 7.5(MPH)

Electrical requirements: 120V/60HZ 20 AMP


Choice one professor, bring more choices.

This treadmill offer hydrotherapy to a wide range of canine, from little Chihuahua to large American Bulldog.

C480S is NO.1 canine hydrotherapy treadmills in the world.

We make use of heated sanitised water in treadmill system.

Underwater treadmill help vets and rehabilitation specialists to create an amazing extremely effective hydrotherapy experience.

Free of engineer

All the frame is pre-assembly before delivery. Just unbox the package and connect the Sprinkler to let water fill the treadmill. No need to build up a extra grooming room.

Saving-Room design

The total dimension is just 112” by 34” (2860cm*870cm), Just like one Twin bed. You can put it in the garbage or washing room without much space.

Pain Relief choice

Unlike classic treadmill, this underwater treadmill support dog training with natural power, water. It comfort dog’s heart and pain after surgical operation like A Dog ACL Surgery

One Start, Two choices

This treadmill is workable without water. If you have another health dog, just let water out and restart the treadmill.

Physical rehabilitation of paralyzed dogs

  • Customized Top rack with safety harness

dog treadmill International shippingDon’t need to search for others. It’s the most valuable design. Just leave your Clinic address at the Quote page, we accept International shipping.

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Additional information

Weight205 kg
Dimensions168 × 48 × 70 cm