K9 Climbing training Incline treadmill


Model #C300F
Product dimension 1640*630*260mm
Running area 380*1500mm
Running belt 1.2mm thickness
Allowable weight 100kg
Speed range 0.8-12km/h
Power 1.75HP
Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 46.5/41.2kg
Master carton 164*67*96cm

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If you want to train your puppy like K9, it’s really a challenge before our incline treadmill.
Now you just need to set up the vertical rate and keep the exercise.
When you can catch your puppy from the treadmill side, you will feel the incredible strength from your pups.

Easy to Climbing training: Easy to train K9 with A DOG Incline treadmill
Unique design: Side console is more fashion in electric treadmill
Sturdy construction: Every part is made of uncompromise material, power coated iron, space-age motor, soft running belt.
Anytime fitness: More aerobic exercise is can protect pet from obesity trend. Daily walking contribute to a strong dog.
All Weather: Every day is a perfect day for exercise with dog lover. No issues with rain, sleet, snow or bad weather. Indoor fitness choice for A DOG.
Little time in clinic: As your dog ages, exercise can help to reduce potential Disease.

French Mastiff Dog with treadmill

French Mastiff Dog with treadmill

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Additional information

Weight46.5 kg
Dimensions164 × 67 × 96 cm