Product dimension 1310*500*860mm
Running area 340*1050mm
Running belt SOFT 1.6mm thickness
Allowable weight 10-100lbs
Speed  0.5-7.45MPH(0.1 increments)
Power 1.75hp(Electric:110v/220v, CUSTOMIZED)
Computer Display speed,time,distance,calories
G.W./N.W.: 36/32kg
Package 133cm*54*19cm(Master carton)


Even if you’re not a treadmill doctor, the TOY Dog treadmill’s advantages are immediately clear. TOY is a description keyword of “small size” with the real fitness function. Instead of a folding treadmill in the market, the TOY Dog treadmill lives longer and steadily when in use, and disappearing away under a bed, or in another storage spot without the surrounding bar. Treadmill Roller is helpful when a teenager buys this treadmill for a dog. At 70 lb (32 kg), the TOY Dog treadmill is easy to move from the front to the backyard.

Anytime Fitness: More aerobic exercise is can protect the pet from obesity trends. Daily walking contributes to a strong dog.
All Weather: Every day is a perfect day for exercise with dog lovers. No issues with rain, sleet, snow or bad weather. Indoor fitness choice for A DOG.
Little time in clinic: As your dog ages, exercise can help to reduce potential Disease.
Allergy Sufferers: No matter how sensitive you or your dog are to pollution, pollen and weed allergen, your dog will still get his needed exercise at home.
The Safety: No worries about walking your dog at dawn or late at night or on a busy street. Exercising your dog indoor eliminates these issues.

Recommended for the following CANINE

Bichon Frise(12-45lbs)
Boston Terrier(12-50 lbs)
Cairn Terrier(10~30 lbs)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (12-38 lbs)

DOG Weight up to: 179 lbs 80 kg

Why use Toy dog treadmill?

It’s workable to active dog breeds in chilly winter indoor exercise and avoid nervousity. Keep them calm after 30min running.

Additional information

Weight36 kg
Dimensions133 × 65 × 19 cm